Lift Chair Reviews

Product Overview: Golden Technologies offers several lines of lift chairs, each with their own models that provide different characteristics and features.


- If you are particular about chair positions, and also desire endless adjustment options, the Maxicomfort® series is for you. The flagship line of Golden Technologies, all Maxicomfort® lift chairs feature patented positioning technology that seamlessly takes users through numerous seated and lying positions with just a few taps of the controller. TV Watching, Sleep, Zero-Gravity and Trendelenburg positions are among the most popular with the Maxicomfort® series.

Numerous styles and materials are available with 7 different models, each featuring its own unique design and aesthetic. Button-backing, sewn pillowtops, and "biscuit" backing are just a few of the many options with a Maxicomfort© chair. Programmable memory settings, bucket seats, and Power Pillows are also available depending on the model.

Signature Series

This line of chairs includes two models: Space Saver and Regal

The Space Saver

is a suitable choice for those who are a bit short on room, as it can cycle through numerous seating positions while requiring only 4-6 inches of space from the wall thanks to a forward-gliding recline motion. If you have a small living room or bedroom, the Space Saver may very well be your best solution.

As the name implies,

the Regal

comes equipped with several convenient features and abilities that creates a luxurious chair experience. A built-in cup holder and tray, full chaise pad support, and simple two-button control are just a few of the impressive features offered. Other notable characteristics include dual flip-open arms that conceal extra storage space, a three-pillow waterfall backing, and superior leg extension.

Traditional Series

- This particular series displays a classic aesthetic that harkens back to the original models first made by Golden Technologies, available in both the Williamsburg and Cambridge models.

The Williamsburg

showcases a soft colonial design with traditional wings and a deep, plush back cushion, creating a refined appearance that can upgrade any traditional decor. A full chaise pad provides full body comfort, while a simple two-button control remote allows for easy operation. An easy-access battery backup system keeps the chair running when an outlet cannot.

For those looking for the same features with a more contemporary design,

the Cambridge

has got you covered. Both models are available in numerous color options.

Value Series

- If you’re in need of a capable and comfortable lift chair at a more economical price that still offers plush features, the Value Series is your best bet.

The Capri

makes use of a classic, colonial-style button back, with an enhanced firmer lumbar support area. Its arms provide a wider, more rounded design for extra comfort and stability. Smooth, quoet lifting is provided thanks to an innovative motor system. A SmarTek© diagnostic system makes maintanence and troubleshooting a breeze for even the most novice users.

The Monarch

employs a stuffed-seam backing, while utilizing a familiar recliner chair style. Full-napper positions and three-way recline system give the user added comfort and positioning options. Two-button control powers the lifting and reclining. A split chaise pad ensures an added measure of comfort, along with a superior leg extension.

Custom Sizing

- Golden Technologies realizes that people are shaped differently, and not everyone can comfortably fit into standard chair sizes as a result. The Comforter and Comforter Wide models offer numerous size options that create a much better fit for those that have difficulty finding comfort in standard sizes. The Comforter Wide models include two motors for smoother operation and better support.

Both models include many of the common features of other Golden Technologies models. Full chaise pad with Total Body Comfort, two-button control, full napper position, leg extensions, battery backup system, non-skid levelers, and the SmartTek™ diagnostic system are all standard on the Comfort series models.

Customer Reviews: Golden Technologies lift chairs routinely receive generally positive reviews for all models.

Here's what Amazon customer A. Garcia had to say about the Maxicomfort she purchased for her husband:

"Oh what a nice chair!! My husband has a difficult time standing and this is just what he needed. The chair is firm instead of soft . This gives more support when standing up. He has pool circulation in his legs and this chair with the anti-gravity is very good for him. The lift mechanism is very sturdy. The chair is a little heavier than I had anticipated...All in all this is a good purchase Would recommend it to anyone needing a lift!!"

Amazon customer Cheryl was impressed with the Comforter model she purchased for her mother, who was able to find better sleep as a result of the chair. Her husband took a liking to it as well:

“We needed a lift chair for my mother when she came for a long visit. She has one in her home, but hers is bigger than this one we purchased on Amazon. In her chair at home, Mom has to have a backrest and seat cushion to comfortably settle into her lift chair. Not so with this one. This chair was a perfect size for her. She has shrunk down to 5'3" and is badly hunched over. This chair gave her really good comfortable support and the riser lift works like a charm. We liked the neutral color of the champagne. It all worked perfectly for us.

After she left, we put a Sharper Image massaging cushion in the chair and my husband doesn't want to give it up. This is a surprise because he is 5'11" but he says the firmness level and where it hits his back is very comfortable for him. It's tempting to keep it, but it looks like she needs it in her home. We are now getting ready to ship this one back to her home. She needs a new one, and this will more than fit the bill. We were very happy with this purchase.

The final proof will be if she can sleep in it. She didn't do that at our house, but in her own home, she typically sleeps two to four hours per night in her recliner.”