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For many, comfort is the absolute most important aspect that a lift chair can have. Golden Technologies is certainly aware of this fact, and the Cirrus is their response. While some may prioritize looks and extra features in a lift chair, the Cirrus caters to those who want to have the best comfort experience around.

That’s not to say it’s lacking a few features here and there, and the chair has a versatile style appeal as well. Still, comfort is the priority here, and the Cirrus is hard to beat.

Features and Benefits

The Cirrus places emphasis on plush cushioning, but not at the expense of some convenient features.

Dual Motors

The padding on the DayDreamer is full chaise, and extends throughout the chair for total body comfort in all areas. The padding itself is heavily-stuffed, while retaining a light feel that conforms to your body, providing ample support without being too rigid.

AutoDrive 3.0

The standard controls for most of Golden Technologies chairs, the AutoDrive system includes a number of preset positions, such as TV, sleep, zero-gravity, and more. You can control the backrest and footrest independently, and also create a programmed custom position that is always available at the touch of a button.

AutoDrive Controls

The AutoDrive 3.0 control device is Golden Technologies’ most innovative version to date. The controller allows for you to operate each part of the chair independently, while also providing numerous preset positions, such as zero-gravity, sleep, TV, and sitting positions.

Infinite Positions

Limited reclining and seating positions can be an issue for more discriminate users that require fine-tuned positioning for pain management and other health concerns. The Cirrus can do everything from a standard sitting position to a fully reclined zero-gravity position, making it suitable for leisure, television watching, napping, and sleeping overnight.

Foam Armrests

The armrests on the Cirrus may not be the oversized cushions found on other lift chairs, but they make up for that with strategically-placed Dacron® foam padding underneath the fabric. This makes the armrests very comfortable despite the size.

Unique Advantages

The Cirrus is equipped with superior comfort technology you won’t find in most lift chairs.

Numerous Coils

The Cirrus crams as many coils into the seating area as possible. The foundation is made of five heavy gauge seat springs, topped off by a staggering 49 coils together in a spring pack. This combination absorbs weight and movement from the user, and creates an all-encompassing cushion feeling that is also stable.

Seat Foam

Four full inches of seat foam top off the coil springs, resulting in plush seat that conforms and shapes to the users body with each use.

Potential Disadvantages

The Cirrus is well-designed throughout, so there are not any major flaws that really stick out. The price is very affordable for a chair of this quality as well. The only drawback for some will be the chairs sot of dated style, and lack variance in color options.


As we stated earlier, this chair is all about comfort in every way. Alot of thought has gone into the engineering of the chair, with each aspect designed to work with and compliment thw other. Every inch of this chair is comfortbloe, from the footrests, to the arm rests, and of course the seating and backrst area. The AutoDrive controls and infinite position optins push the Cirrus to the top of its class.


9 / 10