Lift Chair Reviews



Lowest Price


Golden Technologies’ diverse lineup of lift chairs includes a little bit of everything, from the simple, budget-minded chairs like the Monarch, to the the DayDreamer -- one the most customizable and feature-rich lift chairs on the market.

With its infinite positioning possibilities, and numerous features aimed at providing one of the best lift chair experiences around, the DayDreamer is worth every penny for those looking for highest levels of comfort, with modern style as an added bonus.

Features and Benefits

If you want a lift chair with all the bells and whistles, the DayDreamer has you covered in more ways than one.

Full Chaise Padding

The padding on the DayDreamer is full chaise, and extends throughout the chair for total body comfort in all areas. The padding itself is heavily-stuffed, while retaining a light feel that conforms to your body, providing ample support without being too rigid.

Modern Styling

The DayDreamer has a more modern aesthetic, with minimal detailing and a smooth, bold design that is a welcome addition to contemporary decor and living room settings.

AutoDrive Controls

The AutoDrive 3.0 control device is Golden Technologies’ most innovative version to date. The controller allows for you to operate each part of the chair independently, while also providing numerous preset positions, such as zero-gravity, sleep, TV, and sitting positions.

Unique Advantages

The DayDreamer has all of the upscale features common in a high-end lift chair, with some additional aspects that you will rarely encounter in any price range.


Perhaps the most notable feature of the DayDreamer, the PowerPillow is an independently-controlled headrest with plush cushioning that gives you the ability to create an optimal head position at any angle. The headrest can move up and down, while also extending out from the backrest.

Custom Position Memory

The DayDreamer’s controller not only allows for customized positioning, but the ability to save that particular position to the controller as well. This give you a push-button ability to get the chair to you favorite position each and every time in a matter of seconds.

Potential Disadvantages

It’s hard to find any real drawbacks with this chair. If anything, the higher price may steer some consumers away, as well as the larger size that may be too big for some living rooms or bedrooms.


The DayDreamer delivers when it comes to plush and luxurious comfort. Lift chair shoppers with the most discriminate needs concerning positioning and comfort will find everything they need with this chair, making the higher price more than worth it. The PowerPillow feature pushes the DayDreamer up into the elite class of lift chairs, offering the best in looks, features, and overall comfort.


9 / 10