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Lowest Price


Designed for larger users that require more space in a lift chair, the Gl-358XXL combines the superior engineering and quality of Pride Mobility lift chairs with some convenient modern features, making it one of the more versatile and comfortable recliners you’ll find on the market.

As a part of Pride Mobility’s diverse Heritage Collection, the Gl-358XXL displays a mixture of traditional and contemporary styling, with attention to detail in the areas that matter the most. It provides users with a luxurious recliner that features the lifting capability as an added bonus.

Features and Benefits

TThe Gl-358XXL includes an impressive set of features that helps to make it one of the best recliners you’ll sit in -- lift chair or not.

Large Size

Many of the lift chairs you see available have weight limits around 350 lbs, and are often narrow in the seat area. The Gl-358XXL provides plenty of room and cushioning for larger users. It has a 30-inch seat width, and can support up to 600 lbs, making it a durable, sturdy, and spacious choice for users who need more room and stability in a lift chair.

Quiet Lift System

No need to worry about a noisy motor with the Gl-358XXL. The lift system is smooth and efficient, at just the right speed, and without any excess sound that may be distracting to others around.

Side Pockets

The Gl-358XXL includes double side pockets that give you plenty of room to store any number of items, whether it’s periodicals, a remote, or a phone.

Full Chaise Padding with Button Backing

The chair has full chaise padding all throughout, and has an elegant button backing that ensures a firm, yet soft backrest. The full padding provides equal comfort for both legs and back, and everywhere in between, giving it plush support.

Unique Advantages

There are a few modern technological features with the Gl-358XXL that are worth noting.

USB Charger

The Gl-358XXL is one of the first chairs on the market to include a USB charging port inside of the actual remote for the chair. This gives the user the convenience of operating a phone or tablet for an extended period of time while in the chair, without having to worry about running an extension cord to the chair, or situation the chair near an outlet.

Self-Diagnostic Electronics

The chair includes Pride Mobility’s self-diagnosing electronic feature that makes troubleshooting simple for when anything goes wrong with the chair.

Potential Disadvantages

The Gl-358XXL is only a recliner, so don’t expect a full layout position for sleeping. The chairs has three positions, and there is no leeway in creating a custom position. The higher price may steer someway who want more out of a lift chair in regards to positions.


If you are someone who needs some extra space and support out of a lift chair, and don’t require full layout capabilities, the Gl-358XXL is a great option. It has a regal appearance, and certainly contains plenty of comfort and support for discriminant users. The USB port is a very handy feature, and compliments the luxurious feel this recliner provides. Buyers looking for a quality recliner with lifting capabilities when needed should take a strong look a the Gl-358XXL.


8 / 10