Lift Chair Reviews



Lowest Price


As is the case with the LC-200, Mega Motion aims to provide lift chair users with a simple and inexpensive option that is still very high in quality. The LC-100 is low on features, but includes versatile styling, and most importantly, a full layout recline that includes infinite positioning -- something you won’t normally find in smaller, simpler lift chairs.

The LC-100’s unique blend of simplicity and positioning makes it a great deal for those needing an affordable lift chair that is appropriate for all uses.

Features and Benefits

The LC-100 isn’t flashy, but it does come equipped with some notable features.


It seems that many lift chair manufacturers are choosing to make their products bigger each year, as they find ways to add more cushioning and extra features. The LC-100 keeps the size to a minimum allowing you to easily fit in into even the smallest areas.


The LC-100’s ability to offer infinite positioning and a full layout for sleeping is a major benefit for those who need to use a lift chair for more than just lounging and television watching. This chair certainly offers those options, but can also recline all the way back for a flat sleeping surface for the user. This gives the LC-100 full versatility for all uses.

Multiple Colors

The LC-100 is available in five distinct colors, and even includes a chesnut brown vinyl option for those looking for a moe upscale look that is also easier to clean. This gives buyers enough color options to match their decor.

Unique Advantages

This lift chair does not really offer any distinct features that set it apart from other chairs, but it does provide a combination of affordability, small size, and chair positions -- a combination that makes it one of the most popular lift chairs on the market.

Potential Disadvantages

The LC-100 excels in simplicity, but that may also be its downfall to some. The chair does not include any innovative engineering or plush comfort features, and it also lacks programmable positions, preset positions, heat, massage, and any other luxury options you may find with other chairs. The style may be a turnoff to some shoppers as well.


Mega Motion clearly had a plan when designing the LC-100, and that was to manufacture a basic lift chair that still provided all of the crucial aspects that one could want. The chair’s ability to go to a full layout sleeping position is a huge selling point, considering that it is smaller and has the appearance of a basic recliner. It’s almost surprising in a way. The price is very affordable, and the chair is definitely comfortable thanks to a strategic stuffing method on the backrest.

Controls are simple, there are numerous color options that are actually different from one another, and the chair is easy to fit inside smaller living rooms and bedrooms. If you are looking for an affordable, basic lift chair that can be used for both sleeping and leisure, the LC-100 is hard to beat.


8.5 / 10