Lift Chair Reviews



Lowest Price


Pride Mobility has long been one of the leading manufacturers of lift chair products, with an expansive lineup that offers a series for every type of need. The Essential Collection from the company features basic lift chairs that offer minimal features and capabilities, providing an economical lift chair option for those that still prefer to do most of their sleeping in a bed.

The LC-105 is the flagship model of the Essential Collection line, offering basic recliner functions with the added lifting capability. The base model features of the LC-105 don’t hold it back however -- it still includes many hallmark Pride Mobility characteristics, making it a fine choice for a lift chair recliner.

Features and Benefits

The LC-105 doesn’t offer any extra features beyond just being a recliner, but it excels in the categories that matter.

Full Chaise Padding

The chair is lines with chaise padding, from the footrest all the way up to the backrest. The single seam stitching in the backrest provides an over-stuffed feeling of comfort for the back, giving the LC-105 plush comfort from the top down.

Dual Pockets

The discreet side pockets of the LC-105 allow users to stores any number of items, such as newspapers, magazines, television remotes, tablets, and phones. The pockets are tight against the body of the chair, giving it a cleaner look while securing any items inside.


The chair’s size allows users to position it in any part of the home. With its small, 20-inch seat width, the LC-105 won’t dominate your living room setup, and it requires only 17 inches of space away from the wall to recline backwards.

Unique Advantages

The LC-105 is equipped with self-diagnostic electronics that make troubleshooting much easier if something goes wrong with any part of the chair. This can help users and caretakers easily identify any electrical issues with the chair, resulting in a quicker fix and less confusion.

Potential Disadvantages

Those looking for a luxury chair with lots of added features won’t find it with the LC-105. There are no position options outside of the basic three (sitting, footrest extended, backrest reclined,) and no way to recline all the way back for a sleeping position. The chair is very small, so users over 5’10” will need to look for a bigger chair.


The LC-105 is an excellent choice for lift chair users who only need a basic recliner. The small size and versatile styling make this chair perfect for those who want a secondary chair for their living room or bedroom, or simply need an affordable recliner that also offers lifting when needed. The chair is made from quality parts and materials, and the diagnostic feature makes it more user-friendly than other basic lift chair recliners. It comes in a handful of alluring colors, and the micro-suede is a nice touch as well.

If you are on a budget and don’t require a full layout chair, the LC-105 is definitely worth a look.


7.5 / 10