Lift Chair Reviews



Lowest Price


Mega Motion fills a much-needed void for those needing lift chairs at an affordable price. Their chairs may be minimal in their features, but many are simply in need of a standard recliner with a lift option -- and that’s precisely what the company offers.

The LC-200 is a good middle of the road option for someone who doesn’t want a bare bones lift chair, but doesn’t want to spend a lot of money either. The LC-200 makes use of every inch, delivering a quality chair with an acceptable comfort level.

Features and Benefits

As we said, the LC-200 isn’t very flashy, but it does have a few benefits worth mentioning.

Multiple Color Options

The problem with many lift chairs seems to be their lack of color options. You may find the most comfortable chair around, but you’ll be surprised to see that it’s only available in maybe 2-3 colors, all without much variance. The LC-200 is available in brandy, fawn, navy, sage, brown, and even a brown vinyl that gives it a bit more sophisticated look.

Smaller Size

If you are lacking in the space department, the LC-200 should not give you much trouble. The chair isn’t a full recliner, so you won’t need to worry about keeping it far away from the wall. The overall width of the LC-200 is just under 29 inches, making it quite narrow.

Unique Advantages

The LC-200 does not come with any kind of luxury features or aspects that you may not find elsewhere, but it does offer a significant financial advantage. At just under $600, the chair is an economical way to purchase a quality recliner that also possesses lifting ability. For those that like to keep things simple, the price point and quality are very alluring. There’s a reason that the LC-200 is one of the most purchased chairs on outlets such as Amazon.

Potential Disadvantages

The most obvious feature lacking from the LC-200 is the ability to fully recline all the way back for a full layout. There is no zero-gravity, and no sleep position, just a basic recline. If you are looking for a good sleeping or napping chair, you aren’t going to find it here.


The LC-200 isn’t intended to be a luxurious and versatile lift chair. It’s merely a recliner with a lift function, and nothing more. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing if that’s all you are needing. The price is very affordable, and gives lift chair users a good option for adding a secondary chair for their living room, bedroom, or anywhere else in the home. The multiple colors make the chair even more viable as a secondary chair. Still, if you prefer to keep things simple, and don’t want to break the bank when buying a lift chair, the LC-200 is perfect for you, and comes with a decent warranty to back it up.


6.5 / 10