Lift Chair Reviews



Lowest Price


The LC-525L is a versatile lift chair that provides infinite positioning options for those who are a bit on the tall side. Designed for users anywhere from 5’9” to 6’3”, the LC-525L combines plush comfort stability with the zero-gravity position capabilities.

This chair offers an affordable price point when considering all of its features and abilities. As with other chairs made by Pride Mobility, the LC-525L includes quality materials, parts and engineering that ensures a long-lasting product that is also easy to use.

Features and Benefits

The LC-525L is well-rounded, and includes a number of benefits that ensures its spot as one of the best lift chairs of its size.

Fully Padded Chaise

The LC-525L has full chaise padding from the backrest, all the way to the end of the extended footrest. The padding is very plush, and is supported by a strong coil system that provides just enough give.

Blown Fiber

The chair is made from blown fiber material on the surface, which provides an added durability that can withstand years of use. It’s also very easy to clean and maintain.

Rounded Backrest

In addition to the comfortable chaise padding, the backrest makes use of a stitching pattern and stuffing style that gives it a rounded look and feel. The rounded backrest provides exceptional comfort for the user, while still giving support when seated upright.

Infinite Positioning

The LC-525L may look like a standard recliner, but the infinite positioning technology offers much more. The chair can be stopped at any point for a custom position, and has the ability to recline all the way back to a zero-gravity position, which is the pinnacle of lift chair positioning capability.

Unique Advantages

Aside from offering full layout reclining in a smaller package, the LC-525L also includes an advanced remote control that operates the chair’s positioning. The button layout allows you to control each part individually, while also using preset position that will change the chair’s setting with the push of a button.

Potential Disadvantages

The LC-525L contains no real issues in regards to comfort or operation, but some users may be dissatisfied with its size. Although this particular model is designed for taller users, it is still on the narrow side, so heavy-set users will feel crammed due to the chair’s 22-inch seat width. The small arms and overall style of the chair may detour a few as well.


Taller users will find much to like about the LC-525L. The chair requires only 17.5 inches of space from the wall, despite its full layout abilities. The infinite positioning provides users with a customized seating experience, while still making the chair suitable for sleeping overnight and napping. The LC-525L’s low price and solid construction makes it one of the best options around for taller users who want a smaller recliner that can still offer zero-gravity positioning, and everything in between. The small size width-wise may not be appreciated by some, but others will appreciate the chair’s non-intrusive presence.


7.5 / 10