Lift Chair Reviews



Lowest Price


Geared towards lift chair users on a budget, the Monarch from Golden Technologies is anything but cheap in performance and comfort. This chair offers the same solid craftsmanship and core features that are included with all of the many lift chairs manufactured by the company.

The Monarch is a simple lift chair by all measures, but it serves its niche very well. Simple operation and a helpful diagnostic system make it a great choice for those not wanting a large, complicated lift chair that also takes up too much space in a room.

Features and Benefits

The Monarch may only be a “napping” recliner lift chair, but that doesn’t mean it’s without plenty of comfortable and convenient features that give the chair a lot of value for the money.

Over-Stuffed Double Seam Back

This lift chair is definitely not the biggest or thickest in terms of cushioning and support, but it makes efficient use out of the backing with over-stuffed cushioning throughout. The seams are stitched in strategic locations for optimal support.

Two-Button Controls

No complicated, fancy controls to be found with the Monarch. Just two buttons: up or down. The remote is attached to the side of the chair where the handle would be for a normal recliner.

Quiet Operation

Some lift chairs have the tendency to give off a rather annoying and loud sound when both reclining and lifting forward. The Monarch makes use of Golden Technologies quiet and efficient motor that is barely noticeable, even in a quiet room.

Unique Advantages

The Monarch has two noticeable benefits that help to set it apart from similar lift chairs in the same category.


Coming in at under $800, the Monarch is an excellent value for those that may not have much to spend on one. The chair is certainly capable of being a main lift chair in the home, but its price also makes it affordable for anyone wanting to have a spare lift chair to have on hand in a separate room or living area.

SmartTek™ System

Things can sometimes go wrong anytime electricity and moving parts are involved. The SmartTek™ System provides users and/or their caretakers with an easy-to-understand diagnostic system that makes troubleshooting an easier process.

Potential Disadvantages

The Monarch is available in both medium and large sizes, but some users may still find it a bit cramped. The chair’s arms are on the smaller side, and the leg extension may not be the ideal size for some. The lack of full-layout ability will deter some from purchasing it.


You’ll be hard-pressed to find a lift chair of this quality, from a reputable company, for a price such as this one. It may lack some of the extra features included with some of the more pricier chairs available, but it can still hold its own as both a primary and secondary lift chair in the home. The diagnostic system gives it better longevity as well further increasing the overall value. If you need a lift chair on a budget, and you’re okay without full-layout positioning, the Monarch should be at the top of your list.


8.5 / 10