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Lowest Price


Serta’s “Perfect” lift chair is their flagship model, providing exceptional comfort for a recliner, from a company who has made a name for themselves in manufacturing mattresses. It boasts a broadly-appealing style, and makes use of a number of features on the comfort end of things.

The Perfect lift chair is gear towards to average-sized users, and is designed to function solely as a recliner with lift capabilities. While it may not be very flashy, this Serta chair offers everything you could want from an entry-level lift chair recliner.

Features and Benefits

The Perfect chair includes several features inside and out that are intended to create one of the most plush lift chair experiences you’ll come across.

Webbed Backing

The inside of the chair’s backrest is equipped with Pirelli® webbing that allows the rubber backing to move and conform to the user’s unique shape. This makes the backrest a bit more flexible, helping to ease the burden on pressure points, ensuring a more pain-free and relaxed state.

Dense Gel Foam Underlayer

The Perfect lift chair utilizes gel infused foam padding under for much of the chair’s underside support. This padding is soft and dense, while conforming to the user’s body each time the chair is occupied. The foam layer ensures an extra measure of customized comfort with pressure point relief, while still providing stability.

Oversized Arms

Many lift chairs have the tendency to have smaller arms, which provides less of a comfortable surface to fully rest on. The Serta Perfect lift chair includes an oversized arm design that is more common with high-end recliners.

Easy Operation

The chair’s operation is powered by an easy-to-use LED lit remote control. There are only two buttons, forgoing the more complicated setup you will find with many other manufacturers.

Unique Advantages

In addition to providing gel-infused foam padding within the chair, the Perfect also includes Serta Cool Action™ material that lets the chair breathe during long periods of use, preventing sweat from forming. A USB charging port is also included in the remote control, allowing users to use phone and tablet chargers without having to worry about getting a longer cord or placing the chair near an electrical outlet.

Potential Disadvantages

Despite all of its numerous convenient and comfortable features, the chair is only a recliner, so don’t expect to use it for anything other than light napping. A minor annoyance is the fact that the chair goes from a recline to lifting forward, without a stop in between. Not a very big concern, however.


Sert definitely placed a premium on comfort with this chair, and it shows. The gel foam padding, webbed backing, and breathable fabric all come together to create one of the most comfortable chair experience you’ll have. The Perfect maintains the appearance of a basic recliner, which many will appreciate as well. Overall, the price point and features are very complimentary, along with one of the better warranties around. We definitely like this chair, and you will too.


8.5 / 10