Lift Chair Reviews



Lowest Price


Perhaps one of the most affordable infinite position lift chairs, the Winston provides the same plush comfort that other Serta products are known for, while also offering simple operation, an attractive style, and efficient design that makes the most use out of the space it occupies.

The Winston may not include a lot of the extra features found with other infinite position chairs, but it more than makes up for it in terms of overall experience. If you are looking for a durable, well-constructed lift chair that you don’t mind being seen in your living room, the Winston has got you covered.

Features and Benefits

The Winston includes some of Serta’s standard lift chair features, along with its own sense of style that many will find appealing.

Webbed Backing

The chair’s backrest cushioning rests upon a Pirelli® webbing that allows the rubber backing to move and conform to the user’s back and head. This allows the backrest to ease pressure points, while also providing extra stability and comfort.

Dense Gel Foam Underlayer

The Winston’s underlayer is made of foam padding, which includes gel-infused material in its layers. The padding is a sort of memory foam that sinks in and forms around the user’s body, creating a customized seating profile that provides maximum comfort without sinking in too much.

Oversized Arms

Many lift chairs have the tendency to have smaller arms, which provides less of a comfortable surface to fully rest on. The Serta Perfect lift chair includes an oversized arm design that is more common with high-end recliners.

Infinite Positions

As one of Serta’s only infinite position chairs, the Winston provides full lay-out and zero-gravity laying positions, making the chair suitable for overnight sleep and long naps. The chair easily reclines by using a strong and efficient motor that is also very quiet.

Unique Advantages

For those that prefer a more modern furniture design, the Winston delivers. Its unique shape and contours provide a simplistic, minimalist appeal that will complement most any contemporary decor. The remote control also includes a USB charging port, perfect for use with smartphones and tablets. This gives users the convenience of unlimited device use without having to purchase a long charging cord, or place the chair by an outlet.

Potential Disadvantages

Larger users may have a hard time fitting into the chair due to its 20-inch seat width, and you can also expect your feet to hang off the end if you are over 5’11”. Although the remote control is easy to use and includes a USB port, there is no way to turn the lights off when using the buttons, which may be annoying to anyone who wants total darkness in the evening while using the chair.


Overall, the Winston may have some minor flaws, but it’s really hard to find a chair that looks this good, offers infinite positioning, includes little things like a USB port, and is this affordable. The two color choices are vastly different, so most people won’t a problem deciding on the right one for their home. The combination of customized comfort from the padding, support, and positioning is nearly unrivaled for a chair under $1,000. We strongly recommend the Winston.


8.5 / 10